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Crumb Coating a Cake

This first (thin) layer of frosting is put on to seal the cake so that no cake crumbs spoil the top layer of frosting.  This technique is known as 'crumb coating'.  Chill your cake for 10 minutes before going on to the next stage.

Frosting the Cake

It usually takes me about 10 - 15 minutes to complete this stage.  I dip my spatula in very hot water (& then dry it on paper towel) to warm it.  This helps smooth the surface of the frosting.

Decorating the Cake

The soft texture of buttercream frosting means that decorations can be stuck on/into the frosting.

Tweezers are very useful for positioning small decorations!

A frosted, decorated cake will be at its best within about 48 hours of completion.  It can be stored in the fridge but will taste best served at room temperature.

The cake was decorated using a combination of handmade decorations (the Gnomes, log, mushrooms, grass, pebbles), decorations made using cutters (leaves, flowers, snowflakes) and moulds (pine branches, pine cones) and commercially produced decorations (100s & 1000s, Chocoballs, sugar snowflakes, edible glitter spray).

Devils Food Cake.png


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